About the project

The LLC "Gnostic" introduces our users the new project WhoYOUgle. We hope that it will be easy to understand its options and features that is why we will try to tell you about main aims of the project.

Though one was able to search for texts in the Internet last century the task to provide reference data turned out to be complicated. In the UK one used Google to get information he/she could rely on, in Russia - Yandex, in China - Baidu, in Korea - Naver. But there was no web site that provided reference data. An advanced user got used to keep dozens of addresses ready to convert dollars into yuans, inches into meters, the Muslim calendar into the Gregorian calendar, expand the abbreviation TANSTAAFL, tell about domain hosts and IP-addresses... A user, not so advanced but very stubborn, will search replies to all these questions in canonical search engines; if he/she is lucky he/she will find them but it will take too much time. There are those people who will install different help programmes and converters to their mobile phones and desktop. But most users will fail to get answers their questions because they don't know how to ask and search.

It is evident that it is not a way out just to put together a hundred of background sripts and advertise them. If everything is so easy we won't have such a problem now. It is clear that one should examine this matter in order to create an easy-to-use universal service that can provide a user with replies to his/her not search questions.

Thus, we will examine this matter together. WhoYOUgle is just a prototype of the Universal Guide that we want to create on WhoYOUgle base in the nearest future. It is not a secret that there are many sites that provide such services as whois, nslookup, whoami, ping, traceroute, conversion of different systems of units, dates and currency exchange rates. To put them together to make your life easier is our main task, uncommon and rather complicated. We want to cope with it and expect you to help us. Please, remember about the link "Complaints and suggestions" that is available on every site's page. We expect your comments, letters, wishes and ideas about cooperation.

In the end, we should note that new options and services will be added regularly.

We hope for effective and long cooperation.

With best regards, the WhoYOUgle team.

If you have any question concerning the project you may find an answer in the section "About the project". To get more information you may address our PR-manager Dmitry Chistov, his e-mail chistov@whoyougle.ru and phone number +7 495 504-14-27. The author of the project Anton Nosik is also ready to give his comments to any questions.