Нидерландские Антилы

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Name in English: Netherlands Antilles

Америка, Карибский бассейн

Capital of: Виллемстад

Domain: AN, three-letter code: ANT

ISO code: 530

Currency: ANG

Languages: нидерландский (nl), английский (en), папьяменто

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Neighbours: Aruba, Venezuela.

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Brief statistics

Total 225 369
Male 104 797
Female 120 572
Population growth rate (per year) 0,75 %
Land boundaries length 15 km
Total 960 km²
Land 960 km²
Population literacy 96,7 %
Life expectancy
Mean 76,45
Male 74,15
Female 78,87

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Domestic electricity

Supply pressure: 127/220 V

Current frequency: 50 Hz

Types of plugs and sockets: A, B, F